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MILK. Pure, fresh and pasteurised goat milk from our herd of Saanen dairy goats.

SHEV, natural. This is a soft and fresh farmhouse style cheese.

GARLIC & SEA SALT SHEV. As above, but with garlic & sea salt

SALTBUSH SHEV. Soft, fresh goat cheese log rolled in ash made from local saltbush(atriplex cinerea).

SILKY GOAT CURD. Developed for the local restaurant market. A softer, smoother and more acidic cheese. Great with fruit, salads or over roast vegetables.

FETTINA, natural. Fetta style, steeped in Bellarine Olive Oil.

FETTINA, Rainforest. Fetta style, steeped in oil flavoured with lemon myrtle, garlic and black pepper.

FETTINA, Moroccan. Fetta style, steeped in oil with Moroccan spices

FETTINA, Gypsy. Fetta style, steeped in oil with smoked paprika and dried tomato.

HALLOUMI. Firm cheese made for slicing and pan-frying or the BBQ. Royal Melbourne show, SILVER, 2015.

YOGURT. Fresh & firm Turkish style.

CORIO BAY CHEESE. Aged for up to 12 months cheddar style. Strong and smooth.

BELLARINE TOMME. Semi hard, washed curd cheese. Fresh and full flavoured.

BELLARINE BLU. White bodied cheese with a blue mould crust.

BELLARINE BLANC. Camembert style cheese with a white mould coat over a dusting of saltbush ash.

ACIDIC WHEY. Low pH, cultured whey suspension suitable for various fermentation techniques.




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